Doubly Lucky Riding - Natural Horsemanship

Training from
start to finished:
all breeds are welcome!

We strive for having well rounded horses no matter what your discipline or goals. Our trainer, Chelsey Frost, is gifted in working with "problem" horses, and she takes pride in seeing a horse progress and become the horse you always wanted. Whether in the show ring or out on the trail --  a young, green horse or your show horse that needs a "tune up," we work with you, the owner, to achieve your goals together.
For show horses, unbroken colts, and "problem horses," we offer training packages with your goals in mind.  Training can include training rides, groundwork, and lessons, trail riding and show exposure. We will work with you to reach these goals safely and make sure it's fun too!
Full-time = 5-6 days/week                                       
$600: Finishing, for competition or pleasure                        
$700: Behavior issues & colt starting  
Part-time = 3 days/week
$400: Part-time
(Not for horses with behavior problems & generally not for colt starting but exceptions can be made depending on the horse)

Evaluations can be done at your home, 
place of boarding, or the horse can be brought to me.  $30

(Travel fee may be applied. I highly recommend
you have your horse evaluated before the start
of any training program) 

Excercise Rides $30
Training Rides $40
Ground Work $25


Day fee: Horses & Students in full training: $50/day
Horses & Students in part time training: $75/day
Horses & Students not in a normal training program: $100/day

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